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Introducing Octa Health ID

Your entire family health history in your Octa Health Wallet.


Why you should create Health ID

Get charge of your health data


No more paper
Glance at completely digitized health records

You control your data
Access to your records is in your control

Accurate information
Your medical data is up-to-date

Benefits of Health ID

Connected care for you and your loved ones
Securely share your comprehensive health history with your doctors and loved ones, for better communication at the point of care

Safer and coordinated treatments
Medical errors in your treatment are reduced. Your doctors can effectively provide treatment according to your medical history

Entire digitized history of your health
All the hassle of maintaining paper records of reports, prescriptions, lab tests, bills is eliminated from your healthcare. Just digitized and encrypted medical records in your health timeline.

How Octa Health ID works

Sign up in minutes

Create an Octa health account and enter your basic info.

Get your free Octa health ID

Your health ID will be unique to you and will link all your medical records to it.

Receive your reports directly on your Health ID

Your doctor or healthcare provider will mail your reports to this Health ID.

Access your digitized health records

See your reports directly in your app In a curated timeline.

Features of Health ID

Store Medical Records

Access all your medical records at one Place, whether sent on your Health ID by your doctor or diagnostic lab. You can also access all the medical reports uploaded manually by you. By storing your Medical records, you can create an extensive medical history which you can share with your doctors on their Octahealth ID for better diagnosis.

Share Medical Records

Easily and Securely share your medical records with your Doctors, Caregivers, Lab assistants and family members by giving them access to their Health ID. You will have full control over your medical data and you can choose to grant or revoke access anytime you want.

Add Your Family Members

Add your Family members using their Health ID or some basic details to upload and access their medical records. You can add details of users from all age groups, ranging from newborn children to super seniors and upload their medical records to keep track of their health.

Access Family/Patient Records

Get instant access to medical records of your Friends, Family members and Patients. You will be able to view medical records along with relevant tracker data so that you are always in loop when their health is concerned.

Health Trackers

Browse through our most comprehensive health and fitness trackers. Manage your daily healthcare & fitness activities with our health trackers!

Child Vaccination Trackers

Child Vaccination tracker helps you keep track of the vaccination needs of your children .Apart from the vaccination chart and schedule, you will also receive a reminder e-mail couple of days before the shot is due.

Be in complete control of your health data

At Octa health, privacy is one of the core values. What you share and with whom you share, should be up to you. Octa health ID is designed to protect your privacy and give you complete control of your medical data.

Data Security
Octa health is built with industry-standard security technologies, employs strict policies to protect your information.

End-to-end encrypted data
This means that only you can access your information and only on the device where you are signed into Octa Health. No one, not even Octa Health, can read or access your health data.

Complete control
You control which information goes in Health Records and which record you want to share. Records are only seen by those who you share them with.

Connected Health Ecosystem


+ Doctors Our team includes exprienced Doctor with a strong working background.


+ Pharmacies We had tie up with Trusted pharmacies where you can get medicines at affordable prices.


+ Members Our plans is affordable and well funtioned. We help people to live healthier life.


+ Happy Members reviews In very short span, we have gained trust of our members.

About Us

Healthcare should be affordable, accessible and adequate for everyone. At Octa health this is a fundamental pillar. Octa Health exists to transform the way healthcare is practiced in India. We design powerful products that help healthcare providers deliver best care. Our team of doctors, engineers, and data scientists work constantly on our technology to make healthcare more effective, more personal and more human.